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Book Publishing

Manuscript to Book shelf in 4 weeks! Soulitaire handles the publishing process from start to finish right thorough editing, designing, production, publishing globally, marketing support and providing you cost effective service.

Silver Plan
  1. Ebook – MRP can be decided by you
  2. Paperback – MRP decided by publisher 
  3. Editing 
  4. Formatting 
  5. Typesetting 
  6. Cover page 
  7. Author’s dashboard 
  8. Facebook page creation
  9. 4 posters creation 
  10. 50 Amazon verified purchased reviews 
  11. Basic marketing by Soulitaire and Publisher 
  12. Display of links and cover page on Soulitaire website
  13. International links too excluding UAE
  14. 100% royalty
  15. 5 complimentary copies 

Why choose Soulitaire

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