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Book : Nano – A Soulitaire Anthology

Language : En

Book Description:

Here is an unrivaled creation of fifteen-writers that can bind the readers. The short stories and micro-tales are revolving around the life and its different phases. Every piece of the book is compelling and engaging. Being an anthology, there is a variation in every story. The book imbibes the different sceneries of many things, whatever one may or may not relate to. The reader can even enjoy the virtual play of every story and the credit goes to every writer of the book, who has knitted the words with emotions. The writers have just given phrases to the live scenes that the reader needs to read for feeling the same. Every short story and micro-tale of ‘Nano – A Soulitaire Anthology’ is invigorating. Being short, every piece of content is fetching and intriguing. The book is like a break from lengthy and monotonous stories!

Author : Soulitaire

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