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Book : Kaavyarooh

Language : Hindi

Book Description:

“An ultimate collection of soulful poems to touch the comprehension and to etch in the heart. A mere read of the book can bring you to entire peace. Every poem is unique and you can feel a pleasant whiff with every creation.
The bonzer attribute of the book is that it serves variety. Different poets have showcased their thoughts and experiences in the form of poetry. Sometimes, these are motivating whereas sometimes, it is overwhelming.
Reading lines and their beyond meanings are immersing the readers with the gushes of emotions. The book contains approx everything that a poetry lover may seek. As the name ‘Kaavyarooh’ suggests, it is all about ‘ehsaas’ that echos within the soul. Just communicate with feelings, admirations, and internal commotion in the form of power literature!”

Author : Soulitaire

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