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Book : 4EVER

Language : En

Book Description:

“An excellent treasure of One Hundred English Poems titled ‘4 Ever’. Soulitaire brings this ultimate Anthology for poetry lovers. Four proficient poets have penned their thoughts with perfect rhymes. Every poem is doused in emotions, thoughts, moments, and life…

‘4 Ever’ is a contemporary replica of life, love, charms, light and shade etc. The interpretation through language and allusion creates the spell. Poetry is the best way to convey the ideas of the writers. The book is a well-turned result of poetry with the freedom of word selection and story creation. Each poet has contributed with twenty five poetic flowers from their respective collections and niche to form this scented garland. With the divine representation of four skilled poets, ‘4 Ever’ is solemnized with the gist of perception.

Author : Soulitaire

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