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Book : The Little Secrets to Big Joy

Language : En

Book Description:

“‘The Little Secrets to Big Joy’ is a collection of 25 short stories, 30 inspiring quotes, and 1 poem. Each story expresses the shades of life that someone, somewhere has experienced, and ends with a strong motivating and positive message. The stories are touching, emotional, and thought-provoking. The Author-cum-Storyteller has deeply studied the incidents happening in our lives. She has conceptualized and compiled the thought-provoking stories and inspiring quotes in this book.

Life is all about experiencing the moments and painting them with your colors. Every moment enwraps some lessons; it depends on how you interpret. The perfection of life doesn’t exist; it is up to us how we accept, ponder, and shape it. Understanding the little secrets from these life experiences shapes up the big joys in our life, and this is where the stories and quotes in this book help the readers. The book has collected the tiny gems of life to form a treasure of happiness and life as well.

Author : Soulitaire

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